In today’s world, we are lacking spaces to come together and experience awe, illustrated by Alain de Botton’s metaphor of “atheist cathedrals.” LUMEN PROJECT takes this metaphor literally. What many of us seek is a church-like context, free of the trappings and baggage of religious or culturally specific iconography, within which we can congregate to “recover that sense of human belonging.” (Stephen Batchelor), We wish to experience magic and stillness, and a renewed sense of SOMETHING GREATER. The LUMEN PROJECT and its partners look to address this hole in the core of our being.

In January 2019, we sought to further hone our methods and mediums. Smaller scale events took place at Eric Ericsonhallen throughout the month, including musical performances, sound and light installations. We examined guided meditations, and variations of the “gong bath.” It’s our desire to reinvigorate these practices that are now seen as the territory of “New Age”, to recontextualize, and to examine them from new angles. This series will be ongoing.

LUMEN PROJECT STOCKHOLM was the first large scale event presented by the organization, (see details in past EVENTS)... offering a shared experience devoted to uniting players and listeners alike. We intend on bringing this format further afield. These 12-hour happenings seek to MELT borders between the individual and the collective.

Although it can be enjoyed on the same surface level as any concert (i.e. as entertainment), these EVENTS are conducive to meditation, sleep, and transcendence… and aim for a higher social, even spiritual, purpose.

The relationship between performer and audience is altered. Performer and listener are present together, on equal terms: democracy in action.

We have devoted our energies to the larger long-term project of establishing such events/ installations of varying scale, first locally and domestically (Sweden/ Stockholm,) and eventually worldwide.

Sound/ art is ideally presented as pure information, so it can’t be commodified in the realm of pop culture, nor obfuscate/ put behind glass, or otherwise made inaccessible. In this culture where capitalism dictates nearly all our behavior, what we consume, how we communicate, the work we will curate operates outside this matrix. The goal is egalitarian…and above all, unifying.

The underlying purposes of this effort defy language and jargon. They are inexplicable, as in: “The Tao which is spoken, is not the Tao.” (I-Ching)

It’s our desire that this effort takes the form of workshops, lectures, etc. We begin this experiment with the employment of music and artworks that walk the line between the installation and the performance… ”drone” fits the bill, as it is “a musical expression of suspension in space…it is itself a form of prayer, a means for experiencing unity. It is not code indicating something else.” (J. Harvey, 1999 – In Quest of Spirit, Thoughts on Music)

love and gratitude as expressed thought art and science